Cigarette Holder for Nudists (Jan, 1938)

This was a total revolution. You really don’t want to know where they held their cigarettes before this was invented.

Cigarette Holder for Nudists
Faced with the problem of carrying cigarettes when no pockets were available, a delegate to a recent nudist convention devised the holder shown at right. The leather case is strapped to the leg by means of an elastic band.

  1. latente says: March 28, 20072:48 pm

    nudist, but with socks 😀

  2. docca says: April 1, 20071:34 pm

    After reading the headline on RSS, I was afraid to click and find that this cigarette holder was fixed on one of the many “nooks and crannies” of nudists… 😛

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  5. Luc says: August 15, 200910:41 pm

    I’m glad I quit smoking – but I still like being nude!

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