Cigarette Ignites Like Match (Jan, 1933)

Cigarette Ignites Like Match
BECAUSE a smoker often has a cigarette but no match with which to light it, an inventor has developed a self-lighting fag which eliminates use of matches. The idea is unique in its field and should be received with favor by all tobacco users who have been caught in a similar predicament. The device consists of a container and its pack of specially prepared cigarettes. Each cigarette has an oxidized fiber ring added to the tip that ignites immediately, like an ordinary match, when the fag is rubbed on the side.

  1. Joey O'Neill says: July 31, 20089:05 am

    The use of the word “fag” is interesting (with regard to cigarettes…no sniggering you boys in the back row!). I didn’t know it was once in common usage in the U.S. It’s always seemed like a U.K./Australia/N.Z. word, where it is still common.

  2. Charlie says: July 31, 20089:16 am

    Joey O’Neill:

    It was actually pretty common in the thirties, at least in Modern Mechanix. There are a couple of other posts on the site that use the term.

  3. Bob says: July 31, 20081:47 pm

    Fags popped up in many movies from that era also.

  4. Mike says: July 31, 20085:37 pm

    It isn’t just a fag, its a flaming fag.

    (I’ll get on the bus now)

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