No larger than a woman’s lipstick, a new mystery cigarette lighter works without flame or electricity. The smoker simply holds his cigarette against the porous top and inhales several times and this lights the smoke. The secret is that a blended fuel containing methyl alcohol is thus drawn through a porous pill containing platinum. Catalytic action, similar to that of platinum gas-stove lighters, causes the pill to glow and light the cigarette. Wind cannot interfere with the use of the lighter, which works if a cotton pad is kept saturated with fuel.

  1. Charlene says: December 15, 20119:47 am

    Didn’t these become popular during World War II?

  2. fluffy says: December 15, 201112:45 pm

    Today’s male smokers would probably resent the size comparison with a lipstick.

    I wonder if you could get something that effective in that size using electricity.

  3. Jari says: December 16, 201111:01 am

    Fluffy: There are electronic cigarette lighters, which are about the size of a thumb, but I have no idea, if they are any good.

  4. woofer says: December 19, 20117:34 pm

    Methyl (wood) alcohol, sheesh!

  5. Bill says: December 24, 201111:00 am

    Does anyone know where these OR Platinum Gas-Stove lighters might be found today?

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