Clean Shaves With New Steam Pad (Nov, 1931)

Clean Shaves With New Steam Pad

MEN who look forward with dread to the morning shave need have nothing more to fear, thanks to the recent invention of a special steam pad and holder which makes possible a clean, painless scrape. The beard is softened for the whisker removal operation by means of a pad made of thick heavy absorbent grade of turkish toweling held to the face with an adjustable metal band, as demonstrated in the photo below.

This process thoroughly steams the face, softening the hairs and relaxing the muscles, thus putting the face in the best condition. Two towels are provided with each pad support, permitting a change of pads when one starts to grow old.

  1. fluffy says: September 17, 20076:50 am

    That certainly looks easy to use and convenient! Not cumbersome at all.

  2. Eamonnanchnuic says: September 17, 20076:57 pm

    A young Hannibal Lecter takes a quiet moment to examine his appearance in the mirror.

  3. mrdweeb says: September 17, 20077:32 pm

    Shaving with a straight razor was no laughing matter. My father used one of the first “safety razors” for a while. They used single edged blades like you buy today at the hardware store. These were miserable devices guaranteed to nick and cut your face.

  4. Stannous says: September 17, 20079:06 pm

    I lather up to shave with a brush and shaving soap in a cup. I discovered it first by accident when I ran out of canned and found my step-dad’s unused brush kit.
    The hot water is soothing and softens the beard quite nicely. It is also extremely thrifty: a bar of high quality soap costs about $2.49 and lasts about a year and a half!
    I bought my last brush in Italy at a flea market, pure boar bristle, in a celluloid handle, new, about 7 years ago.

  5. SharpieSniffer says: September 18, 20072:16 pm

    It’s Hannibalicious! How fetching.

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