The scan doesn’t really do this ad justice. The colors are incredibly vibrant.


CLEVELAND is prouder than ever of its Police Force which is now entirely motorized with the exception of the traffic detail.

The city’s Emergency Mobile Patrol is making history by helping daily in the reduction of crime and traffic fatalities. The entire nation is focusing its attention on this masterly stroke of police-pioneering.

Twelve motor units, fully equipped for double-duty service as ambulances and patrols, are manned by officers all of whom have hospital and first-aid training. Many of them are college graduates. The proved results in greater safety and service of this innovation in patrol work are spectacular.

All twelve of these new Cleveland Police Patrols are International Model D-2 panel body trucks. And the performance of these Internationals is thoroughly in keeping with the reputation Internationals have established for economy, durability and dependability in every line of work.

That kind of performance and that reputation explain why International Harvester sells more heavy-duty trucks, 2-ton and up, than any other three truck manufacturers combined.

What does your business require in truck service or hauling? Whether you’re a grocer or a farmer, a baker or a builder, there’s an International designed for your special needs. The International Dealer or Branch nearest you is ready at any time to demonstrate International top performance, rock-bottom economy, and brilliant appearance.

INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER COMPANY 180 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois


  1. George says: December 25, 20094:35 pm

    “…entirely motorized with the exception of the traffic detail…”

    – Entirely radio equipped with the exception of the communication division.
    – All medically certified except for the hospital staff.
    – All but the night shifts are given high power flashlights.
    – Completely outfitted with waterproof clothing on all but the rainiest days.

  2. Firebrand38 says: December 27, 20096:26 pm

    Calm down. Traffic detail also included the cops standing at intersections directing traffic. I think you’d bitch more if they did that standing on top of a new International Truck Mobile Unit.

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