Clock Phonograph (Oct, 1931)

Hmm, for some reason I don’t think these ever really cought on.

Clock Wakes Sleeper with Music

THE violent hatred which humanity has for alarm clocks, especially around the hours of daybreak, may be mitigated somewhat by the invention of a combination phonograph and clock which awakens a sleeper with the strains of music from his favorite orchestra or singer.

Both phonograph and clock motor is contained in a box the size of a large camera, and the hour for the morning serenade is set by knob as in an alarm clock. When out of use the case is folded up to make a neat and attractive table or mantel ornament.

  1. » …but where is the snooze button? says: April 15, 200810:26 am

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  2. Bill Thompson says: January 24, 20137:42 pm

    This is just amazingly cool. Clocks do the exact same thing today, but with iPods. This is better.

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