Coat and Vest in One Piece (Nov, 1931)

Coat and Vest in One Piece

HERE’S a good way to beat the dry cleaners who charge more for a three piece suit than for merely the coat and pants. It’s a combination coat and vest invented by Philip H. Einbinder, a Denver tailor.

“Vests,” says Einbinder, “are a nuisance. They’re all front anyhow, so why bother putting fronts on them.” Putting his theory into practice he built flaps into the coat which button in front like a vest, the rest of the coat folding over them. If you don’t want to wear a vest, just button the flaps back under the armpits out of the way.

  1. Blurgle says: September 18, 20078:17 am

    I want this so badly.

  2. Jim Dunn says: September 18, 200710:41 am

    I wonder if this was the same Einbinder family that made Einbinder Flypaper, the brand you’ve gradually grown to trust over the course of three generations. (I loves me some Bob and Ray.)

  3. Julie says: September 18, 200710:57 am

    “Rose! Philip! So glad you could make it — come in, come in! Here, let me take your coats.”

    …”Well, uh…”
    …”Ha ha, you see…”

    “Your coats…? I’d be happy to take them for you…?”

    “Heh, just one s…”

    (both turn around, furiously unbuttoning, blushing)

    “What…what—on—earth—are…Good…good god, what the?!…what are you…what are those…what in the hell?!!…You! You…both of you, get out of my house! NOW!

  4. Stannous says: September 18, 20073:32 pm

    Ah, culottes for the upper body!

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