Cocktails? Just Tune Them In! (Mar, 1940)

So theoretically I should be able to get high by sticking my head in the microwave? Sweet.

Cocktails? Just Tune Them In!
“Cocktails by radio” may become a reality, one radio authority states. A high-frequency radio transmitter which induces heat in anything placed in the path of its waves will be used to stimulate circulation in the brain, providing a harmless stimulation.

  1. Stannous says: December 28, 20071:15 pm

    Just take off your aluminum foil hat first.

    (I set my hair on fire when I forgot to do that once)

  2. Bill Jenkins says: December 28, 20078:22 pm

    One question.
    What has this got to do with cocktails?


  3. Spoy says: December 31, 20072:47 pm

    Both will give you a buzz!

    Good thing it’s harmless.

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