Cocomalt Ad Full of Naked Children (Nov, 1934)

This is a really weird ad and nowadays it would probably be considered child porn. The message I got was: “Feed your kids Cocomalt so you don’t have to send them to visit pervy sunlamp guy.” And what is going on with the long line of half naked kids in dragging sleds through the snow? They look like they’re from a Siberian version of Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Now Your Child Can “Drink Sunshine” 3 times a day


WE HAVE been called “a nation of sun-worshippers.” By sunlamps, by exposure, by every means possible we try to obtain as much sunshine as possible.

Here is one of the important reasons why: In the rays of the sun there exists a force which, acting upon the body, produces that precious element—Vitamin D. This Vitamin D enables the body to utilize efficiently the food-calcium and food-phosphorus in the development of sound, even teeth — straight, strong bones— well-formed, husky bodies. Of all the many great benefits of sunshine, this is perhaps one of the most significant.

But not every child can bask in the hot sun every day of the year. Dark days keep him a little prisoner … indoors. Fortunately, Cocomalt is rich in Sunshine Vitamin D; so that now every mother can be sure her child is getting this precious vital element — even in dull, wintry weather. Instead of absorbing it through the skin, the child “drinks” it— in this delicious chocolate flavor food-drink. The rich Sunshine Vitamin D content of Cocomalt has been added by special process— under license by the Wisconsin University Alumni Research Foundation. Cocomalt also provides your child with extra carbohydrates, extra proteins, extra minerals (calcium and food-phosphorus). It comes in powder form only, easy to mix with milk. Delicious HOT or cold. At grocery and good drug stores in 1/2-lb., 1-lb., and 5-lb. air-tight cans.

Special trial offer: For a trial-size can of Cocomalt, send your name and address, with 10c to cover the cost of packing and mailing, to R. B. Davis Co., Dept. 8-M Hoboken, N.J.

Cocomalt is accepted by the Committee on Foods of the American Medical Association. It is composed of sucrose, skim milk, selected cocoa, barley malt extract, flavoring and added Sunshine Vitamin D

  1. galessa says: May 30, 20078:55 am

    it looks like a sci-fi film poster about a mad scientist breeding artificial children for eugenic porpouses. note that all children are white, although we cannot tell about those weird costumes in the snow. odd.

  2. Caya says: May 30, 20072:33 pm

    Yes that ad is decidedly creepy!!!!

  3. Stannous says: May 31, 200712:19 am

    Except for the fact that it is highly toxic in large doses you could drink straight Vit D and it would do you no good. Without the effects of sunlight (or at least creepy guy’s sunlamps) it cannot be created by the body.

  4. Blurgle says: May 31, 20072:02 am

    Stannous, I’m confused. Are you saying Vitamin D fortification is useless?

    Because it isn’t. If you go back to before milk was fortified, half the children in far northern Russia and Canada had rickets. There is no significant sunshine for months in these areas. Since fortification of milk, child rickets has disappeared completely.

  5. Stannous says: May 31, 200710:07 am

    No, not that but I took from the ad that they implied that you no longer needed to go out in the sun.
    But I mis-read it, it says it is just ad adjunct for those who don’t get much sun.
    Sorry, my bad.

  6. B22 says: March 26, 20086:44 pm

    It’s a sad, sick world we find ourselves in today, that is so swarming with paedophiliaphobia that this advert should make us think of sexual perversions. It has nothing to do with sex of any kind. What would we do if we were timewarped back a century or two, to when no decorative scheme was complete without a few putti (naked little boys) cavorting about playfully? We’d die of shock, I guess.

    Oh, when can we have our innocence back? Is it hopeless? Will it never happen?

    Those kids in the snow are cool, by the way — in more ways than one.

  7. Dan says: September 7, 20088:39 pm

    In direct sunlight, it can still be quite warm even with snow on the ground. Sending kids out like that ( And adults too ), was considered good for them. Physical exercise, clean mountain air, and no chance of overheating ( Hot weather and exertion was feared to make one more susceptible to Polio or TB ).

  8. Ron Hirsch says: October 26, 20086:45 pm

    I just obtained a booklet “Information about….COCOMALT and suggestions for its use by the medical profession. This is a 23 page booklet just filled with reasons why this is the best product since sliced…. well this booklet might be before sliced bread. It looks to be 1920’s-1930’s….

    Anyone know more about this??


  9. shaman says: December 14, 201011:43 am

    The title says “naked” but the text says “half naked”. It’s no more child porn than old photos of any of us as a baby or toddler. It’s just weird advertising.

  10. daniel says: October 17, 201111:24 pm

    I have a Cocomalt spreading knife which is about 14″ long. has the Cocomalt Logo brand on one side of the blade and a Davis Baking Powder embossing on the other side of the blade? Nice wooden handle is about 4″ x 1″ square. We were trying to figure out for what purpose this knife was used.
    The smooth rounded blade is about 1.25″ x 12″ wide and thin flexible metal, looks like those used by cake decorating? Anyone know?

  11. daniel says: October 17, 201111:24 pm

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