Coffee Made Visible In New Urn (Aug, 1936)

Coffee Made Visible In New Urn
FITTED with an automatic temperature control a new type of glass coffee urn for restaurant use was recently displayed in Chicago before a group of nationally known hotel men. Through the use of a special thermostatic control the temperature of the coffee never exceeds 200 degrees or goes below 196 degrees. Amount of coffee in urn is always visible to both customer and waiter.

  1. jayessell says: December 14, 200711:45 am

    Because no one wants invisible coffee.

  2. Orv says: December 14, 20078:38 pm

    Would the “special heat resistant glass” be Pyrex?

  3. Terry says: May 1, 20116:32 am

    Two-hundred degree coffee? Be sure to blow on it for a good while before that first sip.

  4. John says: May 1, 20118:01 am

    Terry: Yeah, 200 degree coffee. What temperature did you think coffee was brewed at? Optimum is between 195-205 (Gee, just like this urn maintains)

  5. Toronto says: May 1, 20118:07 am

    Terry: Actually, this is a coffee maker, not a coffee cup. The US-based National Coffee Association recommends coffee be made with water between 195-205F.

    Most places in the US seem to make coffee with lukewarm water (and tea, which is even worse that way). You need high temperatures to dissolve the oils and move the flavour into the pot and eventually to your cup.

  6. Terry says: May 1, 20119:41 am

    Sorry about that. My interpretation was that the coffee had already been brewed and them kept in the glass urn ready for dispensing at 195 to 200 degrees.

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