Collapsible Fruit Bowl (Aug, 1945)

Collapsible Fruit Bowl

Cut this fruit bowl and standi, using only a jig saw and screwdriver.

THE home craftsman who is looking for something novel will find this fruit bowl just the thing.

The bowl is laid out on a piece of wood 12″x16″x5/8″ and may be oak or maple or any piece of softer wood which may be available.

Set the table of the power jig saw for a straight up and clown cut and insert the blade in the small hole -marked “A.” Follow this line and then make the outside cut. This completes the frame and bottom piece for the stand.

Now tilt the table of the saw to about 10 degrees and insert the blade in the hole marked “B.” Follow the line until the blade reaches the center of the wood.

When the final cut is made, there will be three pieces; the frame, center and the base.

Insert two short brass wood screws in the center of the frame from the outside ends as shown, which act as pivots.

When the completed center portion is turned over in the frame so that its outer rim is horizontal, the center will drop down, forming a graceful, helically-ridged bowl. The angle of the saw cuts prevents the separate ridges of the bowl from slipping past each other.

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  1. Hirudinea says: July 5, 20122:26 pm

    “Cut this fruit bowl and standi, using only a jig saw and screwdriver.” Maybe somebody could, but not me!

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