Comb on Tube Cap Applies Mascara (Jul, 1939)

Comb on Tube Cap Applies Mascara

FOR applying mascara to eyelashes, an ingenious inventor has combined a miniature comb with the cap of the container. Saturated with cosmetic when withdrawn, the novel applicator is used as shown and then replaced, avoiding waste.

  1. Charlene says: October 21, 20116:53 am

    This is an Origins, too, Charlie: nowadays all mascara is applied like this…

    …although to not quite as many eyelashes.

  2. Charlie says: October 21, 20118:16 am

    Charlene: It is in Origins.

  3. christoph says: October 21, 20119:45 am

    Huh? How was mascara applied before the little brush? I thought it had always been this way. Anybody knows?

  4. Don F says: October 21, 201111:07 am

    I remember mascara being applied with a brush . . . but the mascara was in a little rectangular box, not a cylindrical container. So I guess it’s the brush fitting into the container that’s the big deal.

    (It was my mom who applied the mascara to herself . . . just to make things clear ;^)

  5. Charlene says: October 21, 201111:09 pm

    Don is right. The little brush looked like a tiny toothbrush instead of the round brush we have now. Also, very early mascara was a powder.

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