Combination Cat, Fish Globe Affords Unique Spectacle (Jan, 1933)

Combination Cat, Fish Globe Affords Unique Spectacle

HOW to exhibit prize winning kittens and butterfly goldfish to the best advantage was the problem of Mrs. J. T. Mopham, a cat and fish fancier of Los Angeles. She left the task up to a large glass company of her town who proceeded to turn out the specially built fish globe with an inside compartment for kittens.

The result, as illustrated in the photo at the left, was really startling. The outside compartment, filled with water, houses the goldfish with the kittens occupying the special bowl inside. Onlookers are bewildered when they apparently see the kittens and goldfish living in peace and harmony in the same bowl of water.

  1. Al Bear says: August 8, 20086:28 am

    It’s just me asking such silly question, but WHY?????

  2. Gregly says: August 8, 20086:45 am

    Wow. A precursor to Bonsai Kitten.

    Seriously, that has to be the oddest thing I have seen in quite a while.

  3. jayessell says: August 8, 20081:53 pm


  4. rsterling78 says: August 8, 20085:59 pm

    Was the prevailing attitude in the 1930s “If it’s technologically possible AND doesn’t make bit of sense, DO IT!”?

  5. Torgo says: August 8, 20087:13 pm

    I’ve seen this guy on YouTube with his videos about how to torment your cat.

  6. katey says: August 8, 20089:26 pm

    This is FULL OF WIN.

  7. phil says: August 14, 20088:28 am

    this would also work with spiders in the center and a fly or 2 in the outer bowl

  8. Patti says: September 16, 20089:53 pm

    Okay, stupid question: How do you get the “bowl ‘o cats” to sit still and not climb out the top?

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