Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany (Feb, 1930)

Combination Sports and Street Suits Made in Germany
A SUIT which is equally suitable for street wear and sports has been innovated by the tailors of Berlin, Germany. The change can be performed in a few seconds. Some Germans are partial to the one-piece sports suit and enterprising tailors schemed a one-piece suit with belt and lapels. From that step it was comparatively simple to arrange a strip-off garment to form the lower part of the coat. This coat-tail garment with pockets is buttoned on just beneath the belt to make the sports suit adequate for street wear. Various stages of the transformation are pictured at the left. A similar garb for women has been devised with knickers and skirt.

  1. Jari says: July 5, 201111:24 am

    It makes you a totally different man, judging from the pictures.

  2. Hirudinea says: July 5, 20113:07 pm

    It reminds me somewhat of WWII British Battledress, although that was two piece.

    @Jari – Of course he looks different, when he takes his “skirt” off its exercise time so he loses 10 lbs by default!

  3. Jari says: July 5, 20113:52 pm

    @Hirudinea – And it’s also a cure for receding hairline! And changes your age about 10 years. Clearly made in Q-branch for 007. SMERSH-agent during a chase: “Hey, old fellow, did you see younger Englishman going by?”

  4. Charlene says: July 5, 20114:40 pm

    “A similar garb for women has been devised with knickers and skirt”. This had already been invented. “Rationals” were a combination of knickers and skirt devised in England in the 1880s and popularized around the Anglosphere shortly afterwards.

  5. John says: July 5, 20114:44 pm

    Charlene: Were you referring to the Rational Dress Society?….

  6. Christoph says: July 6, 20113:05 pm

    What is a sport suit? Not sure this is what was worn in the 1930 NBA??

  7. John says: July 6, 20114:12 pm

    Christoph: NBA of course having been founded in 1949.…

  8. John says: July 6, 20114:17 pm

    Christoph » Besides, its not like something called a Sports Shirt is worn a lot in the 2011 NBA (but you knew that).

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