Comic About Overzealous Maker Kid (Sep, 1914)

  1. Toronto says: January 20, 200912:19 am

    Charlie – I can’t quite make out the signature – “D.E. Ball” perhaps? Is the cartoonist’s name listed in the table of contents by any chance?

  2. Scott B. says: January 20, 200911:19 am

    It’s nice to know kids were just as lazy back then. I’m always on my kid’s case to go get me some cigars!

  3. Torgo says: January 21, 200910:50 pm

    Add in a few topless Amazons and you’ve got an R. Crumb comic.

  4. ZeKe says: October 30, 20107:57 pm

    Ron Popiel Comix.

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