Compact Copying Machine Is Portable (Oct, 1939)

Compact Copying Machine Is Portable

A portable photographic copying machine recently introduced is so completely contained within its own cabinet that even its developing chemicals do not have to be drained off while the unit is in transit. Simple to operate, the apparatus has an adjustable focus, a cartridge containing 200 feet of sensitized paper, a severing device for cutting paper to a desired size, built-in lights, and an automatic developer into which the exposed, sensitized paper is fed. It employs an automatic timing mechanism synchronized with its lights so that the latter are turned off the instant that the proper exposure of an original has been made. The front of the apparatus drops down to form a copy holder that can be adjusted vertically as required.

  1. Torgo says: October 7, 20088:56 pm

    This is pretty amazing, but I wonder how much it weighed? The best part is that it comes with its own lights.

  2. Anne says: October 7, 200810:13 pm

    That looks REALLY portable to me. Yeah.

    Actually, I don’t think most copiers have shrunk much in size, have they? They probably weigh a lot less, though.

  3. Eli says: October 8, 200810:51 am

    Of course it’s portable. It’s got a handle, doesn’t it?

  4. Rick says: October 8, 20081:57 pm

    This thing looks almost identical to the old photostat machine I used when I was in the Navy back in the early 50s. The one I used was about twice as large and was connected directly to the darkroom so that the paper slid out and into the hands of the guy developing it back in there. Ours wasn’t portable though. At least there was no handle on it!

  5. beagledad says: October 13, 20085:59 pm

    So, Portable Anvil & Anchor Co., Inc. has gone into office machines!

  6. nlpnt says: October 13, 20087:15 pm


    *Forklift recommended (not included).

  7. docca says: October 21, 200810:29 pm

    Portable *

    * may cause severe back injury. Portable Anvil & Anchor Co., Inc. is not responsible for broken bones, tables or cut body appendages.

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