Compact Toaster for Marshmallows (Dec, 1930)

Now that’s a niche product.

Compact Toaster for Marshmallows

THE latest thing in electrical household appliances is an electrical marshmallow toaster which toasts both sides of the confection at once. Ladies will find this little device useful for entertaining at bridge parties, as they permit the preparation of dainty desserts on the dining table. Six marshmallows may be toasted at once, and enough of the tid-bits for a large party may be toasted in a very few minutes.

  1. Firebrand38 says: October 21, 20078:50 am

    Just what Alton Brown would call a “uni-tasker”.

  2. mrchurchill109 says: October 22, 20078:51 am

    A uni-tasker perhaps but I can see a certain demented practicality here…think smores. If ya simply gotta have them in the pre-microwave-oven days this would have been a practical device.

    Were it me, though, I’d have just toasted them over a gas stove.


  3. Gryffyn says: October 25, 20074:12 pm

    Without going down the road of the actual “s’more machines” out there now, here’s some other current uni-taskers.. or at least pretty close to the mark. These always amuse me when I see them in the store (and yes, they’re readily available at the local mall and other stores):

    Hot Dog Toaster:

    Egg/Meat Heater/Toater:

    (note that you can toast, poach eggs or steam-warm pre-cooked bacon or sausage)

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