Compressed Air to Shoot Packages Into Moving Train (Jun, 1933)

Sounds great, what could possibly go wrong?

Compressed Air to Shoot Packages Into Moving Train

ENGAGING the attention of mechanical engineers who are trying to figure out ways and means of restoring the railroads to a profit-making basis, is the idea illustrated above, in which a torpedo-tube containing packages of mail or express is shot into the funnel-like car at the rear of a moving train, making it unnecessary to stop and pick up small shipments.

Such are the wonders of compressed air that the stunt is perfectly feasible. The streamlined steel container would be inserted in the pneumatic gun. The passing train, reaching a certain point, would trip a release valve which would send a charge of compressed air into the gun. Another track contact would then be closed and the torpedo tube would shoot automatically into the compartment built to receive it. Torpedo speed would be but slightly greater than that of the train.

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  2. Jaani says: October 14, 20072:15 am

    “Is the train not stopping and all those people just get >sluurrrp

  3. Jaani says: October 14, 20073:52 am

    …into?” my female flatmate asked when saw picture briefly…

  4. JMyint says: October 14, 20074:36 pm

    Seems like a complicated and expensive way to replace a system that at the time had been in service for 80 years.…

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  6. Rikard Nilsson says: December 14, 20072:37 pm

    wouldn’t it be easier to have a train-compartment without roof and just drop the package in as the train passed? Keep it simple stupid.

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