Computer Woes – Site Anniversary

My desktop is currently dead. I’m not sure if I’m only going to have to reinstall the OS or get a new drive. Either way, posting is going to be a bit light for the next few days. Today you get one post that was left over from last night.

Oh yeah, I forgot about it, but on Oct 15th the site entered it’s fourth year. A few approximate stats:

  • 5000 posts
  • 8,500,000 page views in the last year.
  • 19,000,000 total page views.
  • 2.8 million spam comments (seriously)
  1. William Deering says: October 30, 20088:56 am

    Thanks for sticking it out. I was one of those that was unable to get in yesterday until you made the video clip an item of choice. I did, however, select the pancake clip after reading the normal site items and it caused no problem then. Until then all I could view via outside searches was old posts. Follow all the Modern Mechanix posts. Thankful you haven’t yielded may to those who want to edit past history while not endorsing anything other than presenting a great research tool depicting scans of old popular technical magazines.

  2. William Deering says: October 30, 20089:07 am

    Thankful you haven’t yielded “any” – – – (correction)

  3. Toronto says: October 30, 20083:49 pm

    A 13:2800 comment:spam ratio? Whoa – that’ worse than my inbox, even!

    Thanks, Charlie. I only found this place about 6 months ago and it’s one of my daily reads now.

  4. Rounder says: October 30, 20084:51 pm

    Thanks very much for all of your hard work. Good luck with your computer!!!

  5. Torgo says: October 30, 20089:21 pm

    Congratulations. We appreciate it.

  6. peacay says: November 2, 200810:25 am

    You young whippersnapper!
    (I think I have ~2 weeks on you ;- )

  7. mikey says: November 2, 200811:28 am

    If you are struggling with Windows, dump it for Linux- Puppy Linux especially!

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