Conditioned Air Supplied to Canopy on Bed (Sep, 1934)

Conditioned Air Supplied to Canopy on Bed

Refreshing sleep on hot nights is made possible by an air-conditioning machine equipped with a canopy which fits over the bed. Fresh air, constantly changing, is supplied to the sleeping compartment by the machine, which cools the air and removes excess moisture. The refrigerating unit and the small re-circulating fan make no more noise than an ordinary electric fan. Should the outside temperature drop during the night, the canopy may be pushed aside as easily as a blanket. The air-conditioning unit is switched on and off by means of a convenient control. The canopy is of double thickness.

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  1. Kryten007 says: May 29, 20077:25 pm

    Now THAT, I want! Cursed ’20s houses and their lack of central air…

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