Contractors Build Freak Test House (Dec, 1936)

Contractors Build Freak Test House

TO DETERMINE the feasibility and artistic effect of various materials for a group of new college buildings, a test building using many different materials was erected at Principia College, Elsah, Ill From the results gleaned from the novel experiment, the combination and types of material to be used in the construction of the main buildings was determined.

The small test building was constructed of stone, brick, cast concrete, and timber in brick and concrete. One side of the roof was made of concrete covered with slate, while the opposite side was plain concrete.

  1. Richard says: July 20, 20119:54 am

    This house is still standing. The college website calls it the “Mistake House”, and says it has been used for academic offices. It was designed by architect Bernard Maybeck.

    A good quality recent photo is here. It appears to be from a similar vantage point as the old photo in the original article.…

  2. John says: July 20, 201110:08 am

    Here is the college website http://www.principia.ed…
    with details:

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