COO-COO Contest Number 4 (Feb, 1929)

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COO-COO Contest Number 4

Names of the Winners of Coo-Coo Contraptions Contest No. 1 and Details of Contest No. 4 are Printed Below.

LISTEN in now, all you folks who sent in entries in Coo-Coo Contraptions Contest No. 1! The winners have been picked and we’re all set to announce the names of the seven lucky contestants. Before doing so, however, the harassed judges wish to thank all the entrants in the contest for the ingenious contrivances which they submitted. It was a Herculean task to select the seven winners from the avalanche of submissions which descended on the editorial office.

First prize of $25 went to H. Palmer, 11548 95th Street, Edmonton, Alberta, one of our Canadian readers, for his ingenious cider press shown on the opposite page. We think you will agree with us that the press classifies as a Coo-Coo Contraption of the first water. Second prize of SIO was awarded Alexander M. Adams, 313 Reed St., Clearfield, Pa., for his nutcracker shown on this page. Mr. Adams’ contraption winds up to a snappy finish, the idea being, as shown, that the goldfish sneeze and awaken the squirrel in his cage. The nut to be cracked sees the squirrel and in a frenzy of fear at the proximity of its deadly enemy the hapless nut dashes out its brains on the floor—thereby accomplishing the purpose of the contraption.

The five third prizes of $3 each were awarded as follows: Donald C. G. Mac-Kay, Queens University, Kingston, Ont; R. A. Reedy, U. S. S. Concord, Charleston, S. C; Clarence E. Hill, Groton, Conn.; Paul Ranck, 1125 E. 16th St., Santa Monica, Cal., and 0. B. LaFlair, Box 3287, Honolulu, T. H.

Now that Contest No. 1 has been disposed of, try your luck in the current contest, No. 4, announced herewith. Prizes will total $50 and will be divided as follows: First prize, $25; second prize, $10; five third prizes, each $3. Contest No. 4 will close March 1, 1929. Manuscripts received after this date will be entered in Contest No. 5. The Coo-Coo Contraptions Contests will run every month until further notice.

Manuscripts will not be returned. In case of a tie, duplicate prizes will be awarded the tying contestants. Address all manuscripts to Coo-Coo Contraptions Editor, Modern Mechanics Magazine, Contest No. 4, Robbinsdale, Minn. Decision of the judges must in all cases be accepted as final. There is still time to enter your Contraption in Contest No. 3 if you wish; this contest closes February 1. Prize winners will be announced as soon as possible after the closing date of the contest.

It is not necessary to make a finished sketch of your contraption, although it will be helpful to our artists if you wish to submit one. Study the prize winner on the opposite page and design some device just as coo-coo and just as funny. Remember that the prize winners will be judged on a basis of humor and originality. Anybody except employees of the magazine can compete in the contest; it is not necessary to be a subscriber to Modern Mechanics.

  1. KD5ZS says: March 25, 20109:45 am

    The correct spelling is cuckoo.

  2. Firebrand38 says: March 25, 201010:23 am


    Also, couldn’t find a link but Al Jolson had released The Coo-Coo song in 1922.

    It’s also used in a slang version (as here) to prevent confusion with the bird. Almost mixes up the meaning with “kook”.

  3. KD5ZS says: March 25, 20101:09 pm

    You can imagine the double-entendres if it was the Cuckold Song.

  4. Firebrand38 says: March 25, 20101:55 pm

    KD5ZS: In that case I don’t think Jolson would do that version in blackface.

  5. Toronto says: March 25, 20103:39 pm

    They should have given these to Ray Doty to draw.

  6. Toronto says: March 25, 20103:40 pm

    ROY – ROY Doty. Sorry about that.

  7. Charlene says: March 26, 20106:26 am

    Do apple trees even grow in Edmonton? They don’t in Calgary.

    I guess, though, that that would make it even more coo-coo, although having the press powered by Grandpa jumping up in rage while reading the Journal is pretty spot-on.

  8. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: August 6, 20109:32 pm

    Hooking up a rocking chair to a butter churn was pretty typical for “enjunewaty”…
    Oh, and during the 20’s they spelt ‘clue’ “Clew’ along with “coo coo’. Different manuals of style and a lot more lea way for editors and proof readers.

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