COOK and WASH on your REFRIGERATOR! (Sep, 1952)


Complete kitchen in 5 sq. ft. Combines refrigerator, sink, 3 gas burners and storage drawer. Available with electric burners, 220 or 110 v. Also without sink. 5 yr. guar.

General air conditioning corp.

4530 E. Dunham St. • Los Angeles 23, Calif. Chicago Office: Dept. 6, 323 W. Polk Street

  1. Stephen Edwards says: September 16, 20106:27 am

    That looks like quite a drafty outfit to wear in a kitchen.

  2. Scott B. says: September 16, 20106:30 am

    And with your wife’s two clones helping, kitchen productivity will be increased immeasurably! Warmed fresh milk in a clean glass, honey?

  3. Anton says: September 16, 20108:13 am

    Stephen Edwards: She has that Faye Emerson look which was popular then.

  4. dan says: September 16, 20108:41 am

    they were hot mothers in the [email protected]@@

  5. Firebrand38 says: September 16, 20109:04 am

    dan: assuming facts not in evidence. I don’t see any kids.

  6. jayessell says: September 16, 20109:40 am

    Wasn’t there a fridge/microwave combo specifically for student dormitories?
    It had a power management system to turn off the compressor while the
    microwave was in use, so as not to draw excessive current from the building’s
    presumably substandard wiring.

    Stott B.:
    I want my clone wives to co-operate in the kitchen,
    but… you know.

  7. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: September 16, 20106:16 pm

    I’ll be, they still sell something like this. Under the term ‘compact kitchen’

    They aren’t as integrated as this but I’m still a bit surprised.

  8. Chris says: September 16, 20108:16 pm

    jayessell: All dorm wiring, plumbing, heating, windows, doors, walls, etc, etc, should be considered substandard no matter when it was built, no exceptions.
    As for combos here’s one fridge/microwave: http://www.microfridge…. and, possibly even better, a microwave/toaster combo for those with a no open flames/heating elements in the room dorm rules:…

  9. A Noun says: September 17, 20106:54 am

    on How I Met Your Mother, there was one of these in Lily’s apartment in SF. I thought it was fictional. Who knew? (The episode was just on last night)

  10. Kurtis says: September 18, 20109:54 am

    I am also surprised these have not been used more by RV manufacturers. It seems these would be a perfect fit in a camper.

  11. Toronto says: September 18, 20105:24 pm

    Kurtis – RV appliances sometimes have a similar arrangement but the one’s I’ve seen are separate components.

    Last one I used was a “MiniWini” – a VW Eurovan rebuilt by Winnebago. It had a three burner stove over the three-way fridge (propane/AC/DC) and tiny sink connected to a two-tank system with an electric (DC) pump.

    We managed to blow the main DC breaker – I think it was the combination of using a hair dryer on an inverter while the fridge was in DC mode – and it was a real pain as we lost water usage too. Fortunately a Westphalia driver in the lineup for a ferryboat the next day had a good educated guess as to how to reset it and all was well.

  12. khazar says: September 18, 20105:26 pm

    They were popular in student housing in the 50’s; my grandpa installed them all over upstate New York.

  13. jayessell says: September 27, 201011:31 am

    If it weren’t for the second law of thermodynamics, the
    heat removed from the refigerator would cook the food.

  14. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: September 27, 20107:58 pm

    Probably not enough heat in the fridge when it’s at set point temp to cook much of anything. I’m sure some engineer could figure out I’m wrong doing the latent heat to useful btu’s equations.

    I know you can buy water heaters that use heat pumps. They’re trying to get people to buy them. http://www.geappliances… So, in principle, it’d work, but the practical problem is you’d have to store the heat until needed. Otherwise, you’d have to time filling the fridge with warm materials so you could use it to cook.

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