Cooler Shaves EVERY DAY (May, 1936) (May, 1936)

So weird. I thought I was the only one who wears lipstick while I shave.

Cooler Shaves EVERY DAY

because Ingram’s does these three things When you start using Ingram’s, you stop getting hot shaves. For three special ingredients in this rich-lather cream do these three things to make all shaves quick, clean and stingless—

1st, they wilt whiskers softer at the skin-line, where your razor works. 2nd, smooth your skin so the blade can’t skip and scuff. 3rd, cool your face while you shave, keep it cool when you’ve finished.

You’ll never need a lotion after a shave with Ingram’s. There’s no burn—no smarting — no rawness. That’s why “bluebeards,” twice-a-day shavers, find Ingram’s a special friend. With it they can shave as often as they have to, yet pay no penalty.

And all shavers find Ingram’s economical. Because it’s concentrated, it goes further. Three months of cooler, happier shaves in every tube or jar! At your druggist’s.

BRISTOL-MYERS CO., Dept. E-56, 636 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.

Ingram’s Shaving Cream

  1. Landtat says: October 11, 20085:20 pm

    I’m old, tired, and my testicles itch. Please, Pass the Ingrams. 😛

  2. Steve says: October 11, 200810:21 pm

    If cooler shaves are where its at, how come the barber puts hot lather on your face?

  3. K!P says: October 15, 20087:11 am

    cooler shaves hide the razor burn, try a shaving soap with menthol for effect. (Prorazo, for example)

  4. Jacky Winters says: April 27, 20098:48 am

    And between steps 2 and 3 it gives you a haircut!

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