Copper Swim Suit Ad for Arizona (Jan, 1933)

Copper Swim Suit Ad for Arizona
ALTHOUGH not guaranteed to make swimming easier, this jaunty copper bathing suit will cause many a reclining sun bather to sit up and take notice. The suit is generously sprinkled with copper and was worn by Miss Helen Brow of Phoenix, Arizona, recently chosen as “Miss Arizona.” The real purpose of the suit is to advertise Arizona.

  1. Baron Waste says: July 31, 20081:41 am

    This seems to be a fixation with 1930s Arizona.

    Write Letters on Copper Paper!

    Today, Congress is considering making pennies out of steel or zinc as they did in World War II, because copper is now worth far more than a pennyweight of it.

  2. Mike says: July 31, 20085:31 am

    She is quite the floozy in that suit!

    I think she has a grounding wire attached to her right wrist.

  3. Randy says: July 31, 20088:09 am

    Baron, US pennies have been made from copper-plated zinc since 1983 for exactly the reason you stated.

  4. Joey O'Neill says: July 31, 20088:41 am

    Is that a lightning rod she’s holding?

  5. JM says: July 31, 20088:50 am

    You’re right Mike, probably to avoid to generate a static electricity shock in anyone that could had kiss her or shake hands with her :D….

  6. Joey O'Neill says: July 31, 20089:00 am

    They had a thing about belly-buttons. You couldn’t show them. This taboo lasted into the 60s I think.


  7. jayessell says: July 31, 20089:30 am

    Would you wear the copper swimsuit with a tinfoil hat?…

  8. Charlene says: August 1, 20082:43 am

    Showing belly buttons? Thirty years before this they didn’t show ankles. Her outfit was probably considered somewhat advanced at the time (I mean other than the fact that it’s made of copper).

  9. StanFlouride says: August 1, 20088:52 am

    In the summer of that year my mother was arrested for wearing the first two-piece bathing suit on Miami Beach. The charge, because she exposed her navel along with about 2″ of skin, was Indecent Exposure. She was 15 and it was something I never knew until I was well out of my teens!

  10. Randy says: August 1, 200810:43 am

    Gene Roddenberry was not allowed by the network to show in the original Star Trek series (1966-1969). He compensated by giving the Terranean mutants two navels in his “Genesis II” pilot film in 1973.

  11. Randy says: August 1, 200810:44 am

    “…to show NAVELS in…”

  12. Andrew L. Ayers says: May 9, 20106:11 pm

    #1 – I wouldn’t say so much a fixation as perhaps “local pride”; our classic “3 C’s” of industry have been “Cotton, Copper, and Citrus” – sadly, our state doesn’t produce nearly as much of any of the three as it did (or at least it seems that way). About all we produce now is bad laws and ill will toward us (not that I can blame the rest of the country; our legislators here are supremely tarded – democrats and republicans alike).

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