Corkscrew Puts Leverage on Stubborn Stoppers (May, 1939)

Corkscrew Puts Leverage on Stubborn Stoppers
Even the most stubborn cork is said to be tamed by the powerful leverage of a new corkscrew. Inserting the screw in the cork, by turning a winged key, raises a pair of geared arms to a horizontal position. Push the arms down again, and out comes the cork, under pressure applied through a flange that fits over the neck of the bottle. The two operations are shown in the pictures below.

  1. Ergosum says: October 17, 20079:05 am

    This was a sparkling moment in the history of corkscrews. Easy to build, easy to use, doesn’t require superhuman strength, and (most important of all) minimizes the risk of shaking the wine bottles and disturbing its sediments.

  2. Rigo says: November 24, 20071:05 pm

    I have one!

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