Corridor Traffic Light (Jan, 1948)

If the instruments are so delicate, why doesn’t she use a cart instead of carrying them all piled up like that. Plus the traffic light doesn’t do you a whole lot of good if you can’t see it because, uh, you’re carrrying a pile of delicate instruments.

Corridor Traffic Light
Wartime’s proximity fuse is regulating hallway traffic at General Electric’s Schenectady research laboratory. Above, the girl at left has been “picked up” by a microwave transmitting-receiving unit (A), operating traffic light (B). The girl at right, carrying delicate instruments, is warned by a red light that the corridor is not clear.

  1. […] Skulle du føle deg litt slapp etter Ã¥ ha forstørret puppene dine ved Ã¥ blÃ¥se i en ballong, eller pÃ¥dratt deg en skade fordi du ikke fulgte trafikklyset i gangen, kan du sette deg i din ensylindrede motoriserte gyngestol med speedometer og lytte til radioen, som selvfølgelig gÃ¥r pÃ¥ parafin. […]

  2. Darren says: September 5, 201110:45 pm

    Why put the traffic light so high up above the door? Wouldn’t it be easier to check the hallway yourself? Or am I missing something?

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