CREAM-MAKER Among Newest Home Aids (Jun, 1935)

CREAM-MAKER Among Newest Home Aids

BOTTLE-HOLDER now on market enables baby to feed himself without danger of dropping the bottle. Made of aluminum, the broad circular base makes the unit secure even on uneven surfaces such as pillows. The bottle is held in a pivoted sleeve which may be tipped to almost any angle which may be needed.

MOP-HANDLE which has a flexible joint can be bent around corners, to penetrate nooks and corners otherwise hard to reach. The mop may be set at any desired angle

PERFUME UNIT (right) for any vacuum cleaner sprays fragrant perfume to conceal dusty odors when cleaning. Bottle containing desired odor is inserted in special socket built into bottom of appliance. Valve on bottle controls amount used. In photo, hand is on valve of the bottle.

CREAM-MAKER converts mixture of butter and milk into real cream by emulsifying butter fat, mixing it thoroughly with the milk. Ingredients are placed in the aluminum bowl, and the lever worked up and down like a pump handle. Cream is forced out of spout at bottom of unit.

  1. Caya says: June 30, 200711:37 am

    That baby bottle gadget freaks me out. Let the baby gain it’s nourishment all by itself, without any human contact whatsoever. Sounds like a production-line farming method of raising a child. The trend in those days was away from nursing, and towards formulas. I don’t think anyone who actually knew what it really is to nurse a baby, and what good it does in all aspects, could ever consider such a horrid device.

  2. Blurgle says: July 1, 20072:13 am

    I have a feeling that bottle was invented by the same guy who made the cream machine – neither are going to work very well, and in fact that cream machine *can’t* work.

    I especially like the look on the woman’s face – she looks zombified!

  3. glindsey says: July 2, 200712:01 pm

    Of course, the big thinking back in the 1930s (from what I understand) was that formulas had to be better for the baby, because the ingenuity of man could obviously provide a better product than crude and unrefined nature.

  4. Rigo says: November 24, 20071:24 pm

    All of those pictures are kind of scary. mostly girl on top right

  5. Linda Ferguson says: December 15, 20098:30 am

    It was interesting to see the ad for the cream maker. I have one and it actually works. I got it from my great aunt in Scotland, and very few people know what the machine is for – but it DOES make cream from butter and milk!

  6. Perre Garrard says: October 24, 20109:52 am

    Does anyone know if the small, plastic, manual cream maker which made cream out of unsalted butter and whole milk is still available anywhere in the world? My wonderful mother in law gave me one in the UK back in the eighties and I used it constantly. During one move, the only thing broken in the enormous amount of kitchen aids I had was my cream maker and I have never been able to find another one. It was the most useful kitchen gadget I have ever had because one always has unsalted butter for baking and fresh milk for everything and so, if I needed cream it was made in a minute.
    I have always longed for another one and nothing else does the job. I am also disabled and so can’t do things like search bric a brac shops to find one. The internet has not yielded any positive results either so I would be so grateful for any help, please.

  7. Toronto says: October 24, 201010:32 am

    Perre – I haven’t seen a stand-alone butter churn for some time now, but you can alway make butter in a stand-mixer such as a Mixmaster or a Kitchen-Aid. The technique is easily googleable.

  8. Ina Martin says: January 4, 20128:27 am

    My BELL cream maker broke yesterday and I use it every Christmas as that is what my Nan and parents always did. Christmas pudding and mince pies just wont be the same now, unless someone can tell me how I can get another one. I too have had no luck searching the internet…

  9. Natalia says: January 15, 20126:28 pm

    For Perre Garrard (and Ina Martin)

    I don’t know if you will ever see this response to your comments about finding a cream maker, but I just did a search on Ebay in the UK ( for cream makers and found several. (I had to sort through a bunch of ice-cream makers to find them, so I changed the search to “cream maker -ice”.) If these are finished by the time you see this, you could run the same search. If you aren’t in the UK, had a few but not as many. UK sellers may well ship to other countries.

    Here are the ones I found (they are all vintage ones–is that okay?):………

    and many more.

    In case you have an older Kenwood, there’s also a Kenwood cream maker attachment, A727
    (eg:…) It was made for the older ones but apparently fits the Titanium range too.)


    I found the baby bottle holder quite sad. Poor baby doesn’t get held! 🙁

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