Crippled Girl Learns To Fly (Aug, 1936)

Crippled Girl Learns To Fly
CRIPPLED by infantile paralysis while still a child, and not yet able to walk, plucky, 18-year-old Betty Snell, of St. Thomas, Ontario, is seeking a private pilot’s license. An air trip to Toronto aroused her interest in aviation. Capt. Tom Williams taught her to fly in a special hand control plane fitted by the London, Ont, Flying Club. She is a student at Alma College, and is interested in broadcasting.

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  1. Blurgle says: October 30, 200711:29 pm

    I’ve actually tried to research this woman, but not being in southern Ontario I don’t have access to the local (St. Thomas and London) newspapers. The only information I can find online or at my local library is an obituary for her father, who died in (IIRC) 1943.

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