Crossing The Atlantic (Feb, 1946)

Crossing The Atlantic in this overgrown barrel is the intention of Peter Olsen and Mark Charlton. Their $2,500 tub is 10 feet long; 6 feet, 9 inches high at the bilge; weighs more than two tons; and has a four-foot, 700-pound keel and a four-foot rudder. A 22-foot mast fits into the foremost hole of the barrel.

  1. Jari says: July 9, 200910:58 am

    Did they made it or not? I managed to google only one article on a Spanish newspaper, that mentioned their attempt. Dated 16:th of November 1945, so it actually predates this article. Unfortunately I don’t understand Spanish much, apart a word or two….

  2. Belle says: July 9, 20098:16 pm

    i speak spanish but couldn’t find the spanish article…

  3. Gazzie says: July 9, 200910:17 pm

    Belle… I also couldn’t find the article that was mentioned. I don’t speak spanish, but I could have used Live Search to translate the page if Jari would have included a link to the article. Live Search’s translation isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough so you can figure it out.

  4. aerohydro says: July 10, 20091:28 am

    The Spanish article can be found here:


    However, do some Google Books and Google News searches, using the names “Peter Olson” (not Olsen) and “Mark Charlton” and then more articles come to light.

  5. aerohydro says: July 10, 20091:41 am

    Raw Text of the Spanish newspaper article:

    La travesía del Atlántico a bordo de un barril
    La han llevado a cabo dos ingleses

    Alicante, 15. — El diario local «Información, publica hoy un reporte sobre un viaje, sin precedentes en la historia, de dos ingleses, residentes en el Canadá, que acaban de verificar la travesía del Atlántico, desde Toronto a Londres, a bordo de un barril.

    Los navegantes son Mark Charlton y el viejo marino Peter Olsen. Mark Charlton
    vivía en Toronto. donde se establecieron ! sus padres cuando él era niño. Con las
    ! tropas canadienses visitó Inglaterra, y ! cuando al final de la contienda la abanidonó para regresar al Canadá, se propuso j efectuar este viaje para conocer de nuevo,
    ! con detenimiento, la Gran Bretaña. En un principio decidió realizar solo su propósito,
    pero, ante las muchas dificultades i que tal empresa ofrecía, tuvo que desistir
    I y reauirió la colaboración del viejo marino Olsen, que cuenta en la actualidad sesenta y cuatro años. i La aventura de estos dos marinos ha durado ochenta días, desde Toronto a Londres. — Cifra.


    Rough, horrible, machine translation of the article into English:

    Crossing the Atlantic aboard a barrel
    Have carried out two Englishmen

    Alicante, 15. – The local newspaper “Information, publishes a report today on a voyage without precedent in the history of two British residents in Canada, just check the crossing of the Atlantic, from Toronto to London, aboard a barrel.

    Skippers are Mark Charlton and the old marine Peter Olsen. Mark Charlton lived in Toronto. where were his parents when he was a child. With Canadian troops visited England, and at the end of the contest abanidonó to return to Canada, it was proposed j make the trip to hear again, in detail, the United Kingdom. At first just decided to make its purpose,
    but, given the many difficulties that this company offered i had to discontinue
    I reauirió and collaboration Olsen old Marine, who currently sixty-four years. i The two marine adventure lasted eighty days, from Toronto to London. – Encrypt

    Somewhat understandable, but only just. More information must be out there somwhere!!

  6. Richard C says: July 10, 20091:53 pm

    I speak Spanish well enough to attempt a more readable translation, though less literal.

    The local daily “Information” published today a report about a voyage without precedent in history, of two Englishmen, residents of Canada, who finished crossing the Atlantic from Toronto to London aboard a barrel.

    The sailors are Mark Charlton and the old sailor Peter Olsen. Mark Charlton lived in Torondo, where his parents moved when he was a child. He visited England with the Canadian troops, and when they left to return to Canada at the end of the war, this voyage was proposed to get to know Great Britain once again. At first he was going to make the voyage solo, but faced with the many difficulties that the voyage presented, he had to abandon that plan and seek the collaboration of the experienced mariner Olsen, who at the time was sixty-four years old.

    The adventure of these two sailors has taken 80 days, from Toronto to London.

  7. Jari says: August 2, 20097:26 pm

    A bit late answer, as I had a vacation far away computers. So they really made it, wonderful!! Big thanks to everyone involved to this! Of course I could have provided the direct link, but it was first hit in the google when you put those names in brackets. Thanks again.

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