Crowd Sees Speaker in New Address System (Nov, 1937)

Crowd Sees Speaker in New Address System

THRONGS of spectators may clearly view an orator, as well as hear him, through a new German public-address system based upon television principles. The installation presents an image of the speaker, magnified many times life size, upon an elevated screen in plain sight of the entire audience, while his voice is being heard through loudspeakers of conventional design.

Besides the customary microphones, a pair of large photo-electric cells or “electric eyes” flank the speaker’s stand. As the orator discourses, he faces a projector from which an almost invisible beam of green light plays back and forth inconspicuously across him. The photo-electric cells, which are sensitive to this light alone, respond to the rays reflected from his features by transmitting a series of electrical impulses. These are reconverted to light by a 20,000-volt cathode-ray tube, and a powerful lens throws the image upon the screen.

Originators of the system also predict its application in the theater to make every seat a good seat.

  1. Stannous says: August 28, 20077:43 am

    “Ignore ze mann behind der curtain…”

  2. Ninjalicious says: August 28, 20071:31 pm

    Apparently the hitler-stash was still en vogue given the date. I suppose it will someday become popular again minus the baggage.

  3. Blurgle says: August 28, 20071:59 pm

    Being that this was Germany in 1937, I have a feeling the Hitler-stash is more representative of who would be using this than a reflection of fashion.

  4. jayessell says: August 28, 20073:35 pm

    Mechanical flying spot image scanning but electronic image reproduction?

    DIdn’t the image tube exist yet? (The Iconoscope?)

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