Cruise on Land and Tour on Water (Oct, 1921)

Cruise on Land and Tour on Water

AERONAUTICAL invention has conquered the air, and yet airplanes can run also on the earth. Nautical invention has* conquered the sea; but vessels cannot run also on the earth. Now, if the genius of man can make airships that will run upon land, why should it not also devise sea ships that will do the same thing?

A resident of Berlin was unable to answer this question, and so he evaded it by constructing a boat that will go equally well in water and out. The machine, which the inventor calls an “auto-gen,” is mounted upon three wheels, two in the rear and one in front. This last serves as a rudder in the water and a steering gear on land. Five persons can comfortably ride in the machine. It is propelled either by motor or foot power.

We may soon expect to see the family living next door and the Perkinses just around the corner going out as usual for their Sunday drive on the Lincoln Highway, but they will return a new way—upstream.

  1. Zeppflyer says: September 7, 20128:47 am

    With no means of raising or lowering the paddles, you would get huge fluctuations in performance based on how many people were sitting in the body.

    Regarding the Lincoln Highway, this could still probably travel faster than traffic on some of the more congested bits of Rt 30. At least here around Pittsburgh.

  2. Toronto says: September 8, 20127:52 pm

    Wait – is he pedaling the prototype? With 5 passengers? Wow.

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