Crutch for Paralyzed Eyelids (Mar, 1932)

Wouldn’t the eye dry out?

Crutch for Paralyzed Eyelids

An eyelid crutch for use in cases of a paralysis of the eyelids, leading to a complete or partial loss of sight, has been developed by Dr. John C. Neill of the Pennsylvania State College of Optometry. The crutch consists of a thin gold half wire loop fitted to the contour of the patient’s eyes and welded to the nose piece of the glasses.

  1. Stephen says: November 28, 20115:06 am

    This sounds like blepharospasm. A similar structure, called the Lundy Loop, is still used today for those unfortunate enough to suffer from it.

  2. whoozle whaazle says: November 28, 20111:49 pm

    This looks painful.

  3. TomLR says: November 28, 20112:08 pm

    @whoozle — That’s exactly what I thought. Not as easy on the sclera as the contacts I used to wear were on the cornea, I’m sure. I suppose those who wore these (or who wear them now, acc. Stephen) can’t wear that loop all day without a break. Does anyone know more about this?

  4. Charlene says: November 28, 20117:15 pm

    This isn’t meant to be used in blepharospasm but eyelid paralysis – blepharospasm, which is uncontrollable blinking, is treated these days with Botox (in fact, it’s the reason botulinum toxin was investigated as a therapeutic aid in the first place).

    Eyelid paralysis has a dozen different causes – trauma, Bell’s palsy, a thyroid tumour, etc. – and each cause has a different treatment.

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