Crystal Balls Tracing Planet Paths on Globe Predict Weather (Mar, 1935)

So apparently since 1935 the government has had the ability to accurately predict the weather, yet they have kept it from us.

Crystal Balls Tracing Planet Paths on Globe Predict Weather
POSITIVE predictions of weather at any future time are declared possible by James C. Brown of La Porte, Texas, once an eleven year period of tests for his “Astronomer” weather machine reaches completion. Depending upon movements of the planets for its weather predictions, the machine consists of an ordinary schoolroom globe on which have been traced the paths of the sun and moon. Crystal balls placed in pairs at 45 degree latitude on each side of the equator burn paths around the globe which, in the course of 24 hours, will record any variation in movements of the sun, moon, or stars.
The long test period is necessary to set up charts. Future readings of the machine can then be compared with similar readings on the charts to obtain the weather forecast. Movements of certain bright stars can also be recorded on the globe.

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  1. Arnie says: December 25, 20072:47 pm

    I’m pretty sure that’s John Cleese behind the machine. You know what that means ….

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