Cubic Jig-Saw Puzzle (May, 1933)

Novel Jig-Saw Puzzle MADE IN FORM OF CUBE

By George S. Greene

THIS new and unusual type of jigsaw puzzle forms a cube when assembled and has a different picture on each of its six sides. When the parts are spread out and well shuffled on the table, they resemble those of an ordinary picture puzzle, except that some of the pieces have no indication of pictures on them at all to aid in the assembly.

A convenient size to make the puzzle is 3 in. in each dimension. Twelve 3-in. squares of some thoroughly dry, close-grained wood 1/4 in. thick are placed in a clamp, and the six faces are smoothly sanded. Maple is an excellent wood for this purpose, if available.

Each side is then covered with a picture. Small sections cut from colorful magazine covers are suitable. The adhesive used must be a good one, such as white casein glue—the type ordinarily designated as No. 2. Mix the dry powder in cold water in the proportions of one part powder to from 1-1/8 to 1-1/2 parts water. Apply the glue, after it has been mixed until there are no lumps, with a stiff, short brush to insure a thin film of heavy glue that covers the entire surface perfectly. Let this strong film of casein glue set for at least five minutes until tacky before applying the prints, and then smooth the paper down carefully to insure against blisters.

When the glue is dry, the squares should be separated neatly with a razor blade, and each cut into as many interlocking pieces as desired in the usual manner. In putting the puzzle together, assemble each square first; then bring the squares together so the pictures line up.

  1. Stannous says: June 28, 20073:36 pm

    this is pretty cool but when I make mine I’ll put pics on the inside squares too.

  2. docca says: June 28, 20074:52 pm

    Will Pinhead come for you if you solve the puzzle?

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