Cut down washday cost (Sep, 1914)

Cut down washday cost

Take practically all the expense out of your weekly washday. Have beautifully laundered clothes — spotlessly clean and fresh; a whole tubful washed in just a few minutes, with no labor whatever.

In your home, the yearly expense of washing must be a considerable item. Think of the high cost of a laundress’ services alone — week by week throughout the year!

A FEDERAL Electric Washing Machine With a FEDERAL, all the hard work of washday—even the wringing—is quickly done by electricity. With its unique oscillating cylinder motion, the FEDERAL literally handles the clothes—removing all grit and grime-yet, so gentle is its action that even delicate laces are unharmed. Your maid-of-all-work—in fact any woman—can do the biggest family washing easily with a FEDERAL before 9 o’clock in the morning; it does away with drudgery entirely.

Let us send you facts and figures showing how the FEDERAL actually pay a for itself and mors in a year’s time. Write today for the complete FEDERAL story. Address Washing Machine Dept.

Federal Sign System (Electric) Lake and Desplaines Streets, CHICAGO Branches in 25 Cities

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