Cyclists Maneuver Galloping Bikes in Novel Polo Match (Jul, 1934)

Cyclists Maneuver Galloping Bikes in Novel Polo Match

A POLO game is seldom dull, but when galloping bicycles are substituted for the traditional steeds, the fun begins.
A polo match on bicycles was a feature of a recent cycling meet at Heme Hill, London, England.

Spills were frequent as riders literally tossed their cycles about the course in pursuit of the elusive white ball.

The elongated “croquet” mallets proved rather dangerous weapons as they were swung wildly about in the faster scrimmages. Riders chose to wear “crash” helmets just in case things should get rough.

  1. sporkinum says: July 21, 20089:05 pm

    We had bicycle polo league when I was in Clovis, NM with the USAF back around ’89. It was sponsored by a local bike shop. He got a ton of business from us repairing all of the damage the bikes took, especially replacing spokes from the mallets going through the wheels. It was a ton of fun though. We made our own mallets out of pvc and 2x2s, and used whiffle balls.

    Damn! Wish I could get another group started!

  2. Don says: July 22, 20084:32 am

    But did your bicycles gallop?

  3. Irene Clark says: August 19, 20089:02 pm

    we play bike polo in Huntsville, AL each Sunday at 5 pm– come play will us. Co-ed. all ages. bring sense of humor, junker bike, and cooler.

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