Dancing Robot (Jan, 1949)

Dancing Robot performs a merry jig by remote control. Patrick Rizzo who built it in his spare time, claims the $100,000 creature is the first of its type.

  1. Myles says: May 6, 20088:17 am

    $100,000? In 1949? You could buy 10 homes for that. I hope it dances well.

  2. rsterling78 says: May 6, 20089:00 pm

    “I’m a friend of Sarah Connor. Can I see her, please?”

  3. Zen says: May 7, 20085:06 am

    Hmm somethings wrong all other robots from the period are showing how human they are by smoking!

  4. oilscum says: February 5, 201111:44 pm

    I get the feeling that both father and son, tired of dancing with each other, are thinking “Finally someone I can dance with!”.

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