Daring Diver Feeds Diving Dolphins (Feb, 1940)

Wow, diving with a ferocious dolphin. That’s pretty daring!

Daring Diver Feeds Diving Dolphins

An underwater picnic at which a diver hand-feeds a school of porpoises while at the bottom of an outdoor tank, is a novel stunt performed daily at an aquarium in Marineland, Fla. Dressed in full underwater regalia, the diver enters the tank carrying a wire basket full of small fish. Descending to the bottom, he sits on the tank floor twelve feet below the surface and feeds the aquarium’s dolphins by hand. The unusual photograph above was snapped through a window in the side of the tank as one of the graceful creatures paused only long enough to snatch up a mouthful.

  1. Jim Dunn says: April 24, 20078:53 am

    Well, as Hank Hill would attest, dolphins can be pretty darn threatening in their own way. I’ll tell you what.

  2. Charlie says: April 24, 20079:21 am

    That actually happens! Have you seen those Youtube videos of the dolphins trying have sex with people? It’s hilarious. I’d link to it by my office has a damn firewall that blocks out all the video sites!

  3. Jim Dunn says: April 24, 20071:16 pm

    Wow. I didn’t know it really happened. I’ll have to check it out on Youtube. Thanks!

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