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long-range program in business systems —unusual creative freedom

Here’s opportunity to do advanced creative work with a leading company in the development of digital computer systems. Activity includes systems analysis of present customer requirements and future computer applications, with special emphasis on practical applications of new concepts. You’ll be well rewarded, both in salary and advancement, for your creativeness. You’ll enjoy the broad working freedom of a select research-design group—and the stability afforded by a parent company of international stature. You’ll help develop data-processing systems for worldwide commercial markets—in a continuing program. Ultra-modern laboratory in a pleasant Los Angeles suburb. Broad benefits, relocation expenses.

Operations research specialist
With advanced degree in mathematics. Experienced in mathematical formulation of business and management problems, and familiar with the functions of electronic equipment in operations research techniques.

Senior data-processing systems designer
With technical degree and extensive background in formulating computer systems for business data-processing. Should have experience in application of equipment as well as in design.

Senior computer systems engineer
Advanced degree preferred, although not required, either in engineering or mathematics. Broad background in logical and systems design and ability to do independent research in computer structures and computer logic.

Computer applications specialist
With technical degree. Should have solid experience in programming, systems analysis and applications studies. Work is adaptation of computer characteristics to business data-processing requirements.

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  1. Stephen says: September 23, 20103:18 am

    I’d qualify best for the “Computer applications specialist”, as I have a degree in computer science. It’s ironic that I’m not qualified for the other jobs partly because the degree I have, though very appropriate, didn’t exist then!

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