DATSUN BLUEBIRD is small Japanese car recently introduced to U. S. It sports a four-cylinder, overhead valve engine which puts out 48 hp. Top speed is 77 mph. Weight is 1,916 pounds. Car is said to get 38 mpg. It rides on 5.60×13 tires, seats four or five passengers. The Nissan Motor Car Co., Tokyo, Japan, makes the vehicle. Price is $1,616.

  1. Hirudinea says: May 24, 20115:00 pm

    When this story came out Detroit laughed and laughed and laughed, who’s laughing now?

  2. Scott B. says: May 24, 20115:21 pm

    As of today’s news, Chrysler is … but I suspect it’s somewhat nervous laughter. 🙂

  3. John Savard says: May 24, 20119:41 pm

    It is true that Japanese cars became popular because they were smaller and more economical than Detroit gas-guzzlers. But a four-cylinder engine and a 77 mph top speed, I suspect, are still a bit much for most American drivers. So, while Japanese cars were popular because they were smaller… I don’t think that any that were that small were successful.

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