Death Chamber for Dogs Is Built into Truck (Nov, 1937)

Yes, every little girl should have the character building experience of watching her dog’s execution. She seems to be taking it well.

Death Chamber for Dogs Is Built into Truck
A death chamber for dogs is a feature of a truck operated by the Animal Protective Association of Washington, D. C. Incurably sick or injured animals are placed in the compartment and destroyed by carbon monoxide gas.

  1. jayessell says: April 10, 20072:57 pm

    A truck that feeds carbon monoxide from the engine into the cargo compartment in the late 1930s.
    That sounds familar.

    Oh. I’m thinking of the ones in the early 1940s.

  2. galessa says: April 10, 20075:50 pm

    please note that they are meant to be “destroyed” like useless and anoying things they are.

  3. docca says: April 10, 20076:05 pm

    “That’s so cool, dad, now Bobby can ride with us in his own special cage!”

    ten minutes later…

    “Daddy, why is Bobby not moving? Bobby? Bobby?????”

  4. MuFFinzslol says: January 6, 20081:32 pm

    Dear: Jayessell

    Animals are no diffrent then hummens and are Not meant to be Destroyed Babys and all humens are Anooying babys are the same as dogs you have to clean up there shit and feed them and if thay get sick you and to treat them if you think of it Dogs are the same way..for even saying that something is Meant to be destroyed is very cruel and something a heartless person would say..if thay were Meant to be destroyed why are thay on Our planet and how did thay get here?

    I can go on about how wrong you are but i think that about dose it…you a cruel person and thats that.

  5. saint_al says: March 16, 20086:37 pm

    That’s engine-heated CO, for worse.

  6. melissa says: April 17, 20088:10 am

    *Dogs are caring and understanding
    *They help in many ways for example they go to war
    *A mans best friend dogs are as or more important than humans they are caring and would never leave you there always by youre side good times and bad times i dont understand why people are so cruel maybe becase there hurt inside or have some type of mental problem ….to galessa your sick find healp a.s.a.p or get a life and maybe your the one thats annoyng and usseles..your sad.

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