Death speeds up Search for New Arctic Route (Aug, 1931)

Death speeds up Search for New Arctic Route

TWO expeditions, one German, one British, established outposts upon the forbidding ice cap of central Greenland, last year, seeking a possible landing place for transatlantic airplanes.

Searchers with airplane and dog teams found Augustine Courtauld of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition, this spring, hungry and unshaven.

Less fortunate was Prof. Alfred Wegener, hero-leader of the German party.

To bring food to two scientists at the German central station, Wegener, Dr. Loewe, and thirteen companions started from the coast with provisions. Only by abandoning all the food did they reach the central depot last October. I There was food at the depot for only three men. Wegener and a Greenlander started back for the coast. They never reached it. A second relief expedition, a few weeks ago, found Wegener’s sledge in a drift—and his body near by. Probably the Greenlander also perished.

Despite the death of their leader, the little band of Germans will remain with Prof. Kurt Wegener, brother of the hero, in command. With dog teams and their two propeller-driven motor sledges, they will continue to explore the icy wastes.

  1. Hirudinea says: August 31, 20122:48 pm

    I always wondered why these Arctic explorers never hired a bunch of Inuit, this was just home to them, its like not hiring Sherpas to go up Everest.

  2. Stephen says: September 1, 20124:21 am

    Amundsen – who explored the Arctic before the Antarctic – did exactly this, studying how local people travelled in harsh climates.

  3. Toronto says: September 1, 20128:50 pm

    I understand the penguins were not as forthcoming.

  4. Hirudinea says: September 2, 20124:57 pm

    @ Toronto – Yea, well penguins are jerks anyway, wearing those tuxedos and all, who are they trying to impress!

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