Defense Gun Hurls Balls of Fire (Apr, 1935)

Defense Gun Hurls Balls of Fire
A GUN which shoots eight streaking balls of fire in rapid succession is now being tested as a possible anti-aircraft gun to set fire to enemy planes during wartime.
The gun is built on a “Roman Candle” principle, each ball being separately ignited from a battery as the trigger is pulled. A metal funnel on the end protects the operator from flying embers cast by the imperfect powder balls now being used.

  1. david smith says: September 12, 200710:02 am

    class fireballz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Rikard Nilsson says: December 14, 20072:40 pm

    Oh…it’s the pyro-class guy from Team Fortress!

  3. M.S.W. says: August 20, 20101:49 pm

    Prelude to Dragon Ball Z 😉

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