Deluxe NIGHT BUS Has Private Berths (Jul, 1935)

Deluxe NIGHT BUS Has Private Berths

AMERICA’S first daily cross-country sleeper-bus, a luxury home on tires, recently ushered in “nite-coach” service between Los Angeles and Kansas City. Designed to make long-distance travel more enjoyable for the passenger, the new Greyhound bus boasts many features.

Berths for 25 persons are found in each of the fleet of coaches. There are five compartments equipped with radio, mirror, hot and cold running water and a portable table. Entrance to the bus is made at the right center, but unlike yesterday’s vehicle, an aisle running the entire length of the coach is provided along one side. Each compartment contains a large double berth and three singles, convertible into cushion lounge seats for day travel. There is sufficient room to permit dressing while standing up.

The walls of the bus are insulated against radical weather changes while a special ventilation and heating system maintains constant temperature. To eliminate noises, the power plant is located at the rear and can be removed and replaced in twenty minutes. Behind the false radiator front are spacious quarters for storing luggage.

  1. jayessell says: October 7, 20082:56 pm

    Is there a bowling alley?

  2. Toronto says: October 7, 20083:10 pm

    Well, there are “sleeper buses” today (…) that touring bands, etc, use. Then there are those German “Adventure” buses that go trans-Africa.

    No bowling alleys on either that I know of. Bingo, perhaps.

  3. Mike says: October 7, 20087:24 pm

    Did anybody see the movie “The Big Bus

  4. David Moisan says: October 7, 20089:54 pm

    Motor coaches are all rear engined but the driver never seems to need a microphone to hear them? Also, notice the African-American porter.

  5. Compwalla says: October 8, 200812:35 am

    I knew it was real! Is that Stan Shunpike driving??

  6. Rick says: October 8, 20081:49 pm

    Where are the “Flags of All Nations”?

  7. Vozpit says: October 8, 20084:52 pm

    Did anybody see the movie “The Big Bus“

    I was thinking the same thing. Great movie. And that bus HAD a bowling alley.

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