DELUXE QUALITY MOVIE VIEWER only $34.95 (Apr, 1980)




• Handles 200′ reels of 8MM and Super 8

• Fully portable-Battery operated

• Adjustable speed-Fast to Stop Action for single frame viewing and editing

• Precision lens-lifelike viewing

Now you can enjoy quality movies in the privacy of your home. “Luminavision” handles up to 200′ reels of both 8 MM or super 8 film and gives detailed viewing in both color or black and white. It’s battery operated and has a carry handle for complete portability to parties or for sales presentations. Stop action and speed control switches make for excellent single frame viewing or for film editing. This precision made viewer is only $34.95 plus $2.50 for postage and handling. (batteries not included) For COD’s send a $5 goodwill deposit and pay postman the balance plus COD charges.

Honor House Prod. Dept. 97VX02 35 Wilbur Street, Lynbrook NY 11563

Gentlemen: Rush me the “Luminavision” viewer on your 10 day money back guarantee.

  1. jayessell says: August 10, 20116:52 am

    About the time VCRs were becoming popular?
    Stock clearance?

    (Sheeyah, right. For your ‘home movies’. Wink. Wink.)

  2. Hirudinea says: August 10, 20117:56 am

    @ jayessell – Yea 20 years too late.

  3. Charlene says: August 10, 20119:26 am

    Yeah, probably being marketed to the grandfather with decades of old Super 8 footage of the family tucked back in the hall closet.

  4. Alan B. Barley says: August 10, 201110:22 am

    Love the name of the distributor “Honor House” — This device appears to generate a picture about 3 in square, with no mention of wattage. Probably, it’s a standard flashlight bulb. Notice how the price, $34.95 is pasted [crookedly] into the advert. Back when “cut & paste” actually used to mean something. It must have been advertised in multiple publications at variety of prices. The “department number” is tacked onto address, to let the distributor know what publication & what ad campaign generated the reposne. Judging by the picture in the display, I think jayessell is correct to wink at “home movies”..

  5. Toronto says: August 10, 201110:38 am

    I had access to one of these in the mid-70s, so this probably was a clearance of discontinued stock. Frankly, our moviola was more convienient to use.

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