Demonic Japs (Jan, 1945)

This is a crazy racist cover depicting Japanese soldiers as some kind of demonic, green, bomb throwing mutants.

  1. Bob says: December 2, 20051:16 pm

    All of the demonic green ones were killed during the war.

  2. Spiro Agnew says: January 15, 200612:20 pm

    Never mind 6,000,000 dead, The Rape of Nanking, The Bataan Death March, etc. It is apparently “racist” to depict Imperial Japan as Japanese.

  3. Mariana says: January 30, 20069:51 pm

    A distant cousin of Gollum, obviously; he’s only looking after his precioussss…

  4. Charlie says: January 31, 200611:08 am

    Heheh, exactly 🙂

  5. Quietus says: August 5, 200711:01 pm

    How is he green? I honestly can’t see that color.

  6. Charlie says: August 5, 200711:07 pm

    Well, I am a bit color blind.

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