Desert Animals “Shot” by Cactus Cameraman (Apr, 1931)

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Desert Animals “Shot” by Cactus Cameraman

A CACTUS plant recently went for a stroll in the desert and came back with a remarkable collection of photographs, some of which are presented on this page.

Of course, this perambulating cactus plant was all a delusion and a snare, as many of the coy inhabitants of the Mexican border will learn when they see their portraits in print for the first time.

When the Finley-Pack Expedition of the American Nature Association arrived on the Mexican border and at the Saukaura Forests of Arizona, they found the wild life there so shy that extraordinary methods had to be resorted to in securing photographs, hence the prickly pedestrian.

So perfect was the cameraman thus disguised that many of the animals, hitherto un-photographed, walked right up to the cactus, little knowing that they were being “shot” at from the inside. The expedition was led by Arthur N. Pack.

  1. Jari says: February 23, 201112:53 pm

    Not to mention when he trips over….

  2. carlm says: February 24, 201112:12 am

    While the Coati is a very rare animal, it is a very common crossword answer. The clue is usually- “Animal related to the raccoon.

  3. Charlene says: February 26, 20117:01 pm

    Isn’t that an ACME brand cactus?

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