DESIGN a voice command system with the Siliconix CODEC & WIN an Apple! (Jul, 1978)

DESIGN a voice command system with the Siliconix CODEC & WIN an Apple!

Enter the Siliconix CODEC Design Contest and win an Apple II — the world’s best-selling personal computer — or another great prize. All you have to do is use Siliconix’ CODEC to design a microprocessor-based system which responds to your spoken words (or talks back to you). Our CODEC is a two-chip set: the DF331 coder is a high-speed serial output A/D converter — a complete subsystem-on-a-chip; the DF332 decoder converts high-speed digital bit streams into analog signals. The system you design must be capable of understanding or speaking at least 16 words.

Here’s what you can win:

1st prize: Apple II personal computer (retail value $1,445). A completely self-contained computer system with high resolution color graphics in 15 colors (with color TV); BASIC in ROM, 16K bytes of RAM, built-in video interface, cassette I/O, four A/D inputs with two game paddles supplied, eight peripheral slots, three TTL inputs and four TTL outputs. Apple II plugs into any standard TV using a modulator.

2nd prize: Siliconix LCD Stopwatch-In-A-Wristwatch Features time, day, date, plus split timing stopwatch functions. 3rd prize: Siliconix LED Stopwatch. Includes split timing function.

4th prize: Siliconix Telephone Timer. Includes start/stop and timeout.

5th prize: Siliconix LED Stopwatch. Features a digital start/stop timer. All entries must be accompanied by our official entry blank. Get yours, along with complete contest rules, data sheets and other information, by filling out the coupon below.

Mail to: Siliconix CODEC Design Contest 2201 Laurelwood Road Santa Clara, CA 95054


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  1. Toronto says: February 5, 20136:14 pm

    One would thing that $1445 would have been a pretty crappy payday for building codex for speech in 1978.

    The first useful consumer grade programmable speech device I can think of was the TI 99/4A – the Speak’n’Spell came before but wasn’t programmable. The 99 came out in 1981.

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