Design Fixes

Following up on the comments everyone left yesterday I’ve made the following fixes:

  • Increased the font size for article text and comments. I’m looking into changing the fonts as well.
  • Fixed the big gap that appeared between the article text and comments with short articles
  • Fixed issue where the recent comments box was having the first letter of every word capitalized.
  • Added underlines to links in comments
  • Very long links in comments will be automatically truncated. (They will still work though)
  • Added padding so the content isn’t completely flush with the side of the browser in IE and mobile chrome.
  • Changed the Next and Previous page links to actually say Next and Previous.
  • Looking into providing a greyer version of the site for those that find it a bit bright and contrasty.

What else is bugging you?

  1. Jari says: March 7, 201212:03 pm

    Much, much better! Now that you increased the font size, it doesn’t appear too contrasted. That “Recent Comments” on the right would benefit from that change too. And now that I’m on the roll, Modern Mechanics logo seems to be…lonely. (For a lack of better word) How about some kind of art-deco stripe motif on the sides? Something like this one around the magic eye? http://www.magischesaug…

  2. Anonymous Tipster says: March 7, 201212:11 pm

    I think one reason the site looks too “contrasty” is that the sidebars and heading area have the same white background as the content itself. Perhaps just adding a light gray or tan background color to those areas would be enough to take the edge off.

  3. Anonymous Tipster says: March 7, 201212:18 pm

    I second what Jari posted; the logo does look “lonely” up there (especially given that the heading now spans the entire page). I’d suggest a background image — maybe a montage of some of the “world of tomorrow” images from the 30’s/40’s.

  4. Charlene says: March 7, 20121:48 pm

    It’s much easier to read. Thank you!

    The only other thing that’s bugging me is Stephen Harper, and I don’t think WordPress has a fix for that.

  5. Joe says: March 8, 20125:30 pm

    Easier to read? It was fine the way it was. Stop reading it on your mobile and drive.
    It looks dull and drab and hard on the eyes.
    I liked the older colors.
    Site just lost my interest in reading it.
    So like 6 people complain out of hundreds of viewers and its changed?

  6. Sean says: March 9, 20125:06 am

    I second Anonymous. Tinting the side panels a bit would frame up the main articles and make it easier to read them.

  7. Charlie says: March 9, 20127:16 am

    Boy Joe, we sure will all miss you. You’ve been such a wonderful contributer to the site. I’m really sad we’ll be losing all of our readers who only thought the site was interesting because it was blue and grey.

  8. Toronto says: March 9, 201210:38 am

    Blue and grey? Sounds familiar somehow.

    Charlie – not sure if this is an issue due to the redesign or not, but I seem to have to log in every time I want to leave a comment. Perhaps it’s just me.

  9. Charlie says: March 9, 201211:14 am

    Is anyone else having the problem with having to login every time they want to leave a comment?

  10. Toronto says: March 9, 20123:35 pm


    Guess it’s just me.

  11. Charlene says: March 9, 20125:33 pm

    If I’m not logged in to WordPress, I have to re-enter my name and e-mail address with every comment. That wasn’t the case before.

  12. Charlene says: March 9, 20125:52 pm

    Incidentally, why is the clock on UTC-11?

  13. Charlie says: March 9, 201211:16 pm

    Charlene: Do you mean that it logs you out and you have to log back in? Or that you just need to enter a name and email?

  14. Charlie says: March 9, 201211:17 pm

    Also, time should be fixed.

  15. Jari says: March 10, 20122:31 pm

    Login? What login? Did I miss something? I’ll second what Charlene said about entering name and e-mail every time, when I want to comment something.

  16. Charlene says: March 10, 20124:00 pm

    When I’m not logged in, I have to enter name and e-mail every time I want to comment. The form doesn’t save my previous info. That wasn’t the case before.

    Jari, you can log in to this site via WordPress.

  17. joe says: March 10, 20124:46 pm

    So by Charlies logic the new colors ( or lack of) will be the only thing that will bring in viewers?
    Its still hard on the eyes.
    The old colors gave it a retro look and the articles themself are retro.
    Don’t let these people see

  18. Charlie says: March 11, 20129:53 am

    joe: No, I’m pretty sure that’s what you were saying. I would hope the readers of the site would find the content interesting regardless of the background color. You said that it being white made you lose interest.

    Everyone else: I’m working on the login problem.

  19. Charlie says: March 11, 20121:25 pm

    The comment issue was that previously the site required you to be logged in to comment. The way the new site was originally configured it would allow you to comment either if you were logged in or if you put a name and email. I think this was confusing people because it did not provide a login link there.

    Anyway, I’ve set it to require logins (which I want) and it should also make it less confusing.

  20. Toronto says: March 11, 20126:11 pm

    Interesting – it seems I never had a WordPress login at all, and was probably relying on my brower’s id caching to get me in. Anyway, I have one now!

    Thanks, Charlie.

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